"Yahi Bi Jaan dekhen ye robe jamane wali aadat hai iski mera khoon khola deti hai, mujhe aisa lagta hai Nikah nahi hua hai koi kaneez khareed li hai. Translation: Exactly this, look Bi Jaan he has a habit of bullying, my blood starts boling because of this, it lookes like we are not married but he has bought a slave."

― Jiya to Mumtaz Ali about Arsalan Jamshed Ali in episode 1
Ajiya Nazakat Ali is a main character on the show, Suno Chanda. Ajiya, known as Jiya by her family members is an outspoken, straightforward and amusing girl. Jiya is passionate about her career and dreams to make it big some day. She wants to study abroad but her Nikaah to her cousin Arsalan is coming in the way of her dreams. She does not get along with Arsalan and does not want to have the wedding reception. She is Naeema and Nazakat Ali's daughter and her father trusts her alot.

Jiya hates controlling and suppressing men like Arsal and prefers sweet, encouraging and calm men like Shehryar (Sherry). She gets angry easily and shouts alot. She likes to spend time with her friend, Huma and does not like doing household chores. She always finds her way out of problems except her marriage. She later joins hands with Arsal, Kinza and Sherry to stop the wedding, (Although Kinza and Sherry dont agree with their plans usually).

Arsal and Jiya successfully cause rifts between the family members but while Jiya gets really happy that the wedding is called off, Arsal starts falling in love with her. Jiya is not too happy when she learns about his feelings and asks him to divorce her to which he refuses. She goes to the court for divorce which upsets Arsal. Jiya too eventually falls in love with Arsal and they both convince the family members to have the wedding.

Relationships Edit

  • Arsalan Jamshed Ali: Arsal is Jiya's cousin but they never got along. They got married unwillingly and are always fighting and quarreling. Jiya claims that Arsal is jealous of Jiya because his status of being the only child of the house was taken when she was born and everybody ignored Arsal. They later join hands to stop the wedding and get partially successful as Arsal's mother leaves the house due to Arbela (Billo). They then grow closer and start being protective of each other. Jiya wants to go abroad and study so she asks Arsal to give her a divorce and marry Kinza like the family wants but Arsal refuses to give her a divorce so she goes to court against his will. Later when Bi Jaan asks Jiya if she wants to end this relationship, she shakes her head, showing that she too has started falling in love with Arsal. When Jiya's father forces her to sign the divorce papers in front of the whole family, she writes, "I love my husband" on them. Jiya and Arsal eventually convince their family and the season ends with their wedding.
  • Naeema Nazakat Ali: Naeema is Jiya's mother and is always worried about her carefree and outspoken nature. Jiya manages to convince Naeema to cancel the wedding reception. Naeema has forbidden Jiya to get close to Arsal due to her differences with Arsal's mother, Shahana. She later invites her friend, Aliya and her son to meet Jiya for her marriage though Jiya is against it.
  • Nazakat Ali: Nazakat is Jiya's father and he trusts her alot. He gets really upset when Arsal send him a fake message from Jiya's phone. He gets really angry when Jiya tells him that Arsal has disagreed for the divorce, he misunderstands that Arsal has mistreated Jiya so he slaps him.
  • Kinza Jalal: Kinza is Jiya's cousin, they are not very close but they care about each other and Jiya suggests that Kinza and Arsal should get married. Jiya also consoles Kinza when her bag gets stolen.
  • DJ: He is Jiya's younger brother who roams around the house as a spy and makes videos about other family member's secrets. He showed many videos to Jiya in return for money. Jiya shouts at him alot and casually hits him sometimes. She calls him Motoo (Fatso). Although he is not the sentimental type but he gets really worried when he sees Jiya crying and consoles her, Jiya in return does his laundry. When he realizes that Jiya does not want to sign the divorce papers their father gave her, he spills tea on them and tells Jiya he does not care if he gets scolded as long as she is happy.