"Baat ghusse ki nahi hai Jiya baat uss maan ki hai jo tumne tora hai, kya kuchh nahi kiya mein ne tumhare liye? ab in cheezon ki zaroorat nahi hai mujhe. Translation: Its not about anger Jiya, its about trust/respect which you have shattered, what have I not done for you? Now i don't need this."

Arsalan Jamshed Ali to Ajiya Nazakat Ali in episode 13

Arsalan Jamshed Ali is a main character on the show, Suno Chanda. He is Jamshed Ali and Shahana Batool's son. He is legally married to Ajiya Nazakat Ali but is not fond of her and is planning to stop the wedding reception.

He is a typical Pakistani man and is often called controlling, orthodox and suppressing by Jiya. He likes to be respected and often asks Jiya to do his chores over which they fight alot.

He cares alot about his mother and when he sees his father growing close to Arbela (Billo), he leaves the house along with his mother. He gets really angry with Bi Jaan for blackmailing his mother to come back or she would get Jamshed and Arbela married.

He does not like people calling him useless and dependent and got really mad when his uncle called him that.

He genuinely starts caring about Jiya from episode 13 when thier families start fighting, he and Jiya grow closer and secretly start meeting over dinners and lunches against their parents.

Relationships Edit

  • Ajiya Nazakat Ali: She is his legally married wife and cousin who he does not get along with. Jiya claims Arsal was always jealous of the importance and love given to Jiya in the house. In recent episodes they have grown closer when they planned to stop the wedding reception and when Arsal left the house.
  • Kinza Jalal: Kinza is Arsal's cousin and has a secret crush on him. He grows closer to Kinza when she comes to live with him and his mother against the family. Then Arsal's mother plans to get Kinza and Arsal married after his divorce from Jiya to which all except Bi Jaan and Agha Ji agree. Kinza and Arsal spend time together due to their family's pressure but whenever they do Arsal starts talking about Jiya which irks Kinza.
  • Shahana Batool: Shahana is Arsal's mother and he loves and respects her. In the beginning he always complained to her for getting him and Jiya married but when he saw her being mistreated by his family, he left his house along with her.
  • Jamshed Ali: Jamshed is Arsal's father. He is not very close to him and hates him for growing close to Billo and then planning a fake heart attack to get Shahana back in the house. Jamshed slapped Arsal for leaving Jiya alone on the road and blamed him for her accident.