"Business mein koi behen bhai nahi hota Ajiya Nazakat Ali, aik haath do tho doosre haath lo, samajh aayi? Translation: There are no brothers or sisters in business Ajiya Nazakat Ali give from one hand and take from another, Understand?"

Daniyal Nazakat Ali to Jiya in Episode 5

Daniyal Nazakat Ali, known as DJ, is a supporting character on the show, Suno Chanda. He is potrayed by child actor, Sami Khan.

DJ is the youngest child and the only son of Nazakat Ali and Naeema, he is the youngest of all family members and is very mischevious.

DJ roams around the house with his mobile phone and records the secrets of the family members and gives them to other family members in exchange for money.

His recordings cause alot of chaos and fights in the house and he has revealed uncountable secrets of the family members.

DJ considers his video-recording a job and says that he keeps his personal and professional life separate so he does not show his videos for free except for his first-time "customers" like in the case of Masooma when he showed her Jalal and Billo's video for free, this video caused alot of problems between Jalal and Masooma.

He once got beaten up by Bi Jaan for revealing her secret but later she herself paid him to record a video of Shahana and Masooma for her.

Though the family members hate his video recording habit, they always come to DJ when they need to know something about the other and DJ always proves to be useful to them. His normal price for a video is RS 2000.

Apperance and Personality Edit

DJ is a chubby child, he wears loose T-Shirts and shorts. He has a fringe haircut and a light brown complexion. DJ does not show his feelings but he does care about his family epecially his sister, Jiya. Everyone makes fun of him and call him fatso (Motu) but he does not seem to care about it. He is always using his mobile phone for which his mother scolds him alot.