"Jab tak tumhara khandan ka har fard ne naak ragar kar hum se maafi nahi maangi, hum apne susral ki shakal nahi dekhe ga mar gaya wo khandaan Jalal Khan ke liye. Translation: Untill every member of your family does not rub their noses for apology in front of me, I will not see the faces of my In-laws, that family is dead to Jalal Khan."

Jalal Khan to Masooma Ali in Episode 1
Jalal Khan is a supporting character on the show, Suno Chanda. Jalal is from Peshawar and is loyal and allegiant to his City. He is Masooma Ali's husband and Kinza Jalal's father.

Jalal is a comical character who is always complaining that he does not get enough respect from his In-laws despite of him being the only son-in-law of the family. The family does not take him seriosly especially his mother-in-law, Mumtaz Begum.

His business in Peshawar is failing so he is somewhat a miser ans saves money wherever he can even in his daughter's marriage.

His marriage to Masooma was a love marriage but Masooma is sometimes very annoyed by his stupidity.

Jalal was angry that the family has decided the date of Arsal and Jiya's marriage without him but they convinced him to come to Karachi. He again got angry and packed his bags to leave for Peshawar but stopped when he saw Arbela/Billo and was mesmerized by her beauty.

Masooma always got irritated by his closeness to Billo and she got infuriated when she learnt that he has gifted her bangles.

Relationships Edit

  • Kinza Jalal: Kinza is Jalal's daughter and only child. He is very protective of her and does not allow Shehryar to roam around her. He first agrees for her marriage to Arsal as it was proving to be cheap for him but later says that he will not get Kinza married to Arsal if he does not divorce Jiya ASAP.
  • Masooma Ali: Masooma is Jalal's wife who gets irritated by him alot. They had a love marriage and Masooma does support him against her family. However their relationship got partially strained due to Billo.
  • Arbela: Billo is Masooma's cousin whom Jalal admires due to her beauty. He gets shy when he is in front of her and hates Jamshed roaming around her. He gifted her bangles due to which Masooma got extremely angry and he took her for a motorcycle ride.