"Ja kar dekho ye kyun nakhrey pilae ghoom raha hai aur sikhao kuch tameez kya hoti hai buzurgon ke saamne se guzarne ki. Translation: Go and see why he is so angry and teach him some manners about how you walk away from the elderly."

Jamshed to Shahana about Arsal
Jamshed Ali is a supporting character on the show, Suno Chanda. He is potrrayed by Farhan Ali Agha.

Jamshed is Arsal's father and Shahana Batool's husband. He has taken over the factory along with his brother after his father's death and takes care of the family's expenses along with him.

Jamshed wants everything to be back to normal in the house and supports Jiya and Arsal's wedding but later is against it due to his fight with Nazakat.

Jamshed tries his best to solve the problems of the house but does not succeed usually. He can not handle misbehaviour and often taunts Arsal for his. He slaps Arsal for not writing Jalal's name in the wedding card and for leaving Jiya alone on the road which caused her accident.

Jamshed was first supposed to marry Billo and he was engaged but he broke his engagement against his mother's will and married Shahana.

When Billo comes to the house for Arsal and Jiya's wedding, Jamshed grows close to Billo which irks Shahana and she leaves the house. Jamshed fakes a heat attack to bring her back.

Billo comes to know about Jamshed's fake heart attack and threatens him that she will tell Shahana the truth. To keep her from spilling the beans Jamshed gifts her clothes and bangles and when Shahana sees this she forces Billo to take them off, creating a havoc in the house.

Jamshed rekindles his relationship with Nazakat in the end and happily attends the wedding.

Relationships Edit

  • Shahana Batool: Shahana is Jamshed's wife and they had a love marriage, their relationships gets partially strained due to Billo but later they reconcile. Jamshed fakes a heart attack for Shahana and they both care about each other though sometimes Jamshed gets tensed and annoyed because of Shahana's rude and outspoken nature.
  • Arsalan Jamshed Ali: Arsal is Jamshed's son and they have a typical father-son relationship. Arsal gets angry due to Jamshed's closeness with Billo and leaves the house along with his mother, but later they rekindle their relationship.
  • Arbela/Billo: Arbela is Jamshed's cousin and she was supposed to be his wife until Jamshed refused and married Shahana, Billo loved Jamshed and blames him for deceiving her. Jamshed is protective of Billo and cares about her but he does not love her though sometimes he gets mesmerized by her beauty.
  • Bi Jaan: Bi Jaan is Jamshed's mother and he loves her alot. When the whole family was fighting, Bi Jaan refused to come for Ifar and ordered food from a restaurant which worried Jamshed and he said restaurant food does not suit her and she will get ill. They have a typical Mother-Son relationship.