"Mera saath hamesha aapke saath hai. Translation: I am always with you."

Kinza Jalal to Arsalan Jamshed Ali in episode 6

Kinza Jalal is a supporting character on the show, Suno Chanda. She is Jalal and Masooma's daughter and Arsalan, Ajiya and DJ's first cousin. Kinza is the girl next door and is very simple, humble and honest.

She has always had a secret crush on Arsal and believes that Jiya has come between them. She grows closer to Arsal and aways comforts him, though she cares about Jiya as well. She does not agree with Jiya and Arsal over their plan to create rifts between the family members to stop the wedding but she does not go against them.

Kinza wants Arsal to divorce Jiya so she can marry him and she gets really angry when Arsal refuses to divorce Jiya. She is infuriated when she finds Jiya's pictures in Arsal's room and she angrily rips them. She gets really mad over Jiya and Arsal's closeness that she even tries to slap Jiya out of anger but Arsal stops her.

When she realizes that Jiya and Arsal are inseparable, she grows close to Sherry and falls in love with him.

Relationships Edit

  • Arsalan Jamshed Ali: Kinza always had a crush on her cousin Arsal and she is always by his side and supports and consoles him after his fights with Jiya. She hopes that she and Arsal will get married one day. Arsal too cares about her and appreciates her modest and humble nature. Their mothers decide to get them married after Arsal divorces Jiya which gets Kinza really happy but Arsal is not too thrilled. They spend time together during which Arsal keeps talking about Jiya which irks Kinza. Kinza eventually realizes that Arsal is deeply in love with Jiya and refuses to marry him.
  • Her parents: Kinza hates her father's growing closeness with Arbela/Billo but respects him alot. She often disagrees with her mother over her plans of getting her married but she gets really happy when her mother suggests her marriage with Arsal.
  • Shehryar: Sherry and Kinza start off as friends but they grow closer when Kinza's engagement with Arsal is broken. They spend more time together and eventually fall in love which is noticed by Bi Jaan and Shah Jahan and they fix their marriage to which they happily agree.