"Kaash meri Kinza key liye bhi Arsal jesa koi larka mill jaye. Translation: Hope I find a boy like Arsal for my Kinza too."

Masooma Ali to Jalal Khan in Episode 3

Masooma Ali is a supporting character on the show, Suno Chanda. She is potrayed by Tara Mehmood.

Masooma is Jahangir Ali and Mumtaz Begum's youngest child and only daughter. She is married to Jalal Khan and has a daughter, Kinza Jalal.

Masooma went against her family to marry Jalal and her Mother still taunts her for that. She is eager to get her daughter married and tries to break Arsal and Jiya's marriage for that.

Masooma first wanted Kinza to marry Shehryar as she really liked his humble and caring nature but when Mumtaz calls off Jiya and Arsal's wedding, she sees an opportunity to get Kinza and Arsal married, she gladly agrees when Shahana proposes Arsal and Kinza's marriage.

She gets really tensed when Arsal refuses to divorce Jiya and says that Jiya has done some sort of magic on him.

When DJ shows her the video of Jalal and Billo together, she gets really angry and tries her best to keep them apart, she shouts at Jalal for buying bangles for Billo. She even starts packing her bag to leave for Peshawar but Jalal and Kinza convince her to stay.

Relationships Edit

  • Jalal Khan: Jalal is Masooma's husband whom she married against the will of her parents. Masooma and Jalal fight alot but they do get along at times. Masooma hates Jalal roaming around Billo and asks him to stay away from her as he is a father to a grown-up daughter.
  • Kinza Jalal: Kinza is Masooma's daughter and Masooma is always thinking about her Marriage. She first asks her to spend time with Sherry and later fixes her marriage with Arsal. Kinza does not always agree with Masooma but they share a close relationship.
  • Mumtaz Begum (Bi Jaan): Bi Jaan is Masooma's mother, they have a close relationship but Mumtaz taunts Masooma alot. Mumtaz always says that her decision to marry Jalal was wrong, Masooma too blames Mumtaz for not treating her husband fairly and respectfully. Mumtaz taunts Masooma for trying to break her own niece's house just to get her daughter married. Bi Jaan also blames Masooma for drifting her brothers apart. Despite the differences, Mumtaz and Masooma share a typical Mother-Daughter relationship.