"Arsal kya ho gaya hai tumhe, tumhaare nikaah mein hai, zimmedari hai tumhaari aur kya tum log hamesha bachon ki tarah se larte rehte ho? Translation:Arsal, what has happened to you? She is married to you, she is your responsibility. And why are you always fighting like kids?"

Mumtaz Begum to Arsalan Jamshed Ali about Ajiya Nazakat Ali in Episode 1

Mumtaz Begum, known as Bi jaan by all her children and grandchildren, is a supporting character on the show, Suno Chanda. She is the eldest of the house after her husband's death and manages the house. Her decision is final and no one can change it.

She gets really tensed due to the problems and feuds going on in the family and gets really angry when her children decide to get Jiya and Arsal divorced. She refuses to sit with them for Iftar and tries her best to stop Kinza and Arsal's marriage.

Relationships Edit

  • Shah Jahan: She has hatred for Shah Jahan, her husband's elder brother as years ago, he got her married to his younger brother when actually she was supposed to marry him. Her hatred is possibly because she liked him and wanted to marry him and felt betrayed when he did not marry her. Shah Jahan returns to Pakistan for Arsal and Jiya's wedding after his brother's death. He keeps trying to get Mumtaz to forgive him. He gifts her bangles which at first she throws away but later wears them, possibly showing that she has forgiven him. They manage the problems of Arsal and Jiya's marriage together and they both try to stop Kinza and Arsal's marriage.
  • Her sons: She loves them but often try to control them which they do not like but they follow all her orders.
  • Shahana Batool: She is her daughter in law but Bi jaan does not like her alot because she wanted her son, Jamshed to marry her niece and not Shahana but Jamshed did not listen to her. When Shahana left the house, she warned her to return before the wedding or she will get Jamshed married to Billo.
  • Her grandchildren: She is very loving towards all her grandchildren and can not see them being treated unfairly.