"Hum dono ki chemistry bohot achhi hai aur hum aik doosre ki position ko samajhte hain, respect krte hain. Translation: Our chemistry is very good and we both understand and respect each other's position."

Shehryar to Kinza Jalal about Ajiya Nazakat Ali
Shehryar is a supporting character on the show, Suno Chanda. He is an orphan and was raised by his Grandfather, Shah Jahan.

Sherry is a sweet, loving and caring young man and is liked for his attitude and habits. He is close to his second cousins, especially Arsal and they were always in touch when he was living abroad.

He wanted to end the differences between his Grandfather and Mumtaz and he was the one who convinced him to come to Pakistan for Jiya and Arsal's wedding reception.

Masooma first wanted Shehryar to marry Kinza as he is rich. Arsal, at one point got jealous of Sherry because of his closeness to Jiya and his money.

Sherry and Jiya decided to go to London together to study at LSE and Sherry agreed to pay for her hostel expenses.

Sherry wanted Jiya and Arsal to stop fighting and asked them to talk peacefully over their issues.

When he, Arsal and Jiya were coming back from a restaurant, some goons appeared with a gun, Sherry got scared and ran away leaving Jiya and Arsal alone for which his family called him a coward.

Relationships Edit

  • Shah Jahan: Shah Jahan is Sherry's grandfather and he raised him. Sherry refers to him as Agha Ji like everyone else. Both of them have a close relationship and Shehryar was the one who convinced him to come to Pakistan for the wedding reception.
  • Arsalan Jamshed Ali: Arsal is Sherry's cousin. They were always in touch despite their grandparent's problems and Sherry always helped Arsal out.
  • Ajiya Nazakat Ali: Jiya is Sherry's cousin and they have a close relationship. Sherry cares about Jiya and vice versa, their closeness sometimes irked Arsal. They both planned to go abroad together and study and Sherry offered to pay for Jiya's expenses in the hostel. Shah Jahan suggested their marriage to Mumtaz in case Arsal and Kinza get married.